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LEROY C., CARRIAS J-F., CORBARA B., PÉLOZUELO L., DÉZERALD O., BROUARD O., DEJEAN A. & CÉRÉGHINO R. Mutualistic ants contribute to tank-bromeliad nutrition. Annals of Botany.

DEZERALD O., LEROY C., CORBARA B., CARRIAS J-F., PELOZUELO L., DEJEAN A. & CEREGHINO R. Food-web structure in relation to environmental gradients and predator-prey ratios in tank-bromeliad ecosystems. PlosOne.

SABART M., MISSON B., DESCROIX A., DUFFAUD E., COMBOURIEU B., SALENÇON M.J., LATOUR D. The importance of small colonies in sustaining Microcystis population exposed to mixing conditions : an exploration through colony size, genotypic composition and toxic potential. Environmental Microbiology Reports, 5(5):747-756.

RAM A.S.P., PALESSE S., COLOMBET J., SABART M., PERRIERE F., SIME-NGANDO T. Variable Viral and Grazer Control of Prokaryotic Growth Efficiency in Temperate Freshwater Lakes (French Massif Central) Microbial ecology, 66(4):906-916.

GERPHAGNON M., LATOUR D., COLOMBET J., SIME-NGANDO T.. A double staining method using SYTOX-green and Calcofluor White for studying fungal parasites of phytoplankton. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 79(13) : 3943-3951.

GERPHAGNON M., LATOUR D., COLOMBET J. AND SIME-NGANDO T. Fungal parasitism : life cycle, dynamics and impact on cyanobacterial blooms. PlosOne, 8(6) : e60894. DOI : 10.1371/journal.pone.0060894.