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  • VALTON E., AMBLARD C., DESMOLLES F., COMBOURIEU B., PENAULT-LLORCA F., BAMDAD M. (2015)- Mini-P-gp and P-gp Co-Expression in Brown Trout Erythrocytes : A Prospective Blood Biomarker of Aquatic Pollution. Diagnostics, 5 : 10-26.
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  • FOKAM Z., NANA P.A., MOCHE K., BRICHEUX G., BOUCHARD P., NGASSAM P., SIME-NGANDO T. (2015)-Influence of soil physicochemical parameters on the abundance of Paracoelophrya polymorphus (Ciliophora : Radiophryidae) commensal of earthworms (Annelida : Glossoscolecidae) collected in Bambui (North-West Cameroon). Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences, 6 : 376-389.
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  • GENITSARIS S., MONCHY S., VISCOGLIOSI E., SIME-NGANDO T., FERREIRA S., CHRISTAKI U. (2015)- Seasonal variations of marine protist community structure based on taxon-specific traits using the eastern English Channel as a model coastal system. FEMS Microbiology Ecology, sous presse.
  • QUAISER A., DUFRESNE A., BALLAUD F., ROUX S., ZIVANOVIC Y., COLOMBET J., SIME-NGANDO T., FRANCEZ A.J. Diversity, distribution and comparative genomics of Microviridae in Sphagnum-peat soils. Frontiers in Microbiology (sous presse).
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