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par Genevieve B - publié le

GUILHEN C, FORESTIER C, BALESTRINO D. Biofilm dispersal : multiple elaborate strategies for dissemination of bacteria with unique properties. Mol Microbiol. 2017 Apr 19. doi : 10.1111/mmi.13698.

CARVALHO G, GUILHEN C, BALESTRINO D, FORESTIER C, MATHIAS JD. Relating switching rates between normal and persister cells to substrate and antibiotic concentrations : a mathematical modelling appraoch supported by experiments. Microb Biotechnol. 2017 In press

E. KOJI, O. V. NOAH EWOTI, F. M. ONANA, S. TCHAKONTE, C. LONTSI DJIMELI, A. TAMSA ARFAO, G. BRICHEUX, T. SIME-NGANDO, M. NOLA. Influence of Anthropogenic Pollution on the Abundance Dynamics of Some Freshwater Invertebrates in the Coastal Area of Cameroon. 2017. Journal of Environmental Protection 8, 810-829

LAGRAFEUILLE R, MIQUEL S, BALESTRINO D, VAREILLE-DELARBRE M, CHAIN F, LANGELLA P, FORESTIER C. Opposing effect of Lactobacillus on in vitro Klebsiella pneumoniae in biofilm and in an in vivo intestinal colonization model. Beneficial Microbes. 2017 In press